Fine tunning Large Language Language Models LLMs in 2024

Fine-Tuning Large Language Models LLMs by Shawhin Talebi Over the past few years, the landscape of natural language processing (NLP) has undergone a remarkable transformation, all thanks to the advent of fine-tuning large language models. These sophisticated models have opened the doors to a wide array of applications, ranging from language translation to sentiment analysis […]

Conversational UI: its not just chat bots and voice assistants a UX case study by AJ Burt UX Collective

Voice User Interfaces VUIs: The Future of Conversational UI by Tarun Anand The future of VUIs holds immense potential, with exciting possibilities for further advancements and groundbreaking applications in various domains. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence, namely natural language processing and machine learning, can literally read between the lines. They not only understand users’ queries […]

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